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My current story revolves around my family which has two boys and two girls and myself. I am working for the state of California, and attending college at Lake Tahoe Community College studying computer information science, so far I have completed enough classes for a certification, and need intermediate algebra for a degree.

The state job reminds of my Army days. Possibly we can change the name of California to the state of confusion. My profession is road safety doing various types of snow removal sometimes working more than eighty hours a week, the family time suffers a little in mid winter, but I am able to take the whole summer off and focus on the kids swimming, hiking, and taking the kids camping. The video below is of the kids swimming in our favorite swimming hole.. When my time is not spent with the kids I am networking building a successful online marketing and training business. The rest of my time goes to developing money skills and investing. My blog will be about all the above opportunities and family and life.while studying for my degree. I enjoy working with people, training for success through proven strategies of my Mentors. I just finished up a three-day convention in Las Vegas with twenty of the world’s top marketers what a great time.
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